URL Unblocker

URL Unblocker Tool

Whether you’re looking to share a crucial update, a blog post, or a promotional link, facing a block on social media can be frustrating. Today, we are going to discuss a revolutionary tool that allows you to post your blocked link or domain on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and more, without any hassle. This free URL unblocker has been designed to simplify link sharing and maximize your social media presence.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Free Social Media URL Unblocker Tool

  1. Paste Your Link: Initiate the unblocking process by pasting your blocked URL in the designated Textarea Input box. This could be a link you want to share on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or any other site that previously blocked it.

  2. Click ‘Unblock URL’: Once your link is in the Input box, proceed by clicking the “Unblock URL” button. This action initiates the unblocking process, transforming your blocked URL into an accessible link that is ready to be shared across multiple platforms.

  3. Copy the Generated Link: Post-processing, click the “Copy URL” button. This step will copy the newly unblocked social media URL to your Clipboard, primed for sharing.

  4. Share Your Unblocked Link: You can now post the Output Link that contains your original URL on any social media platform without the fear of it being blocked. Simply paste the copied URL where you want to share it.

This tool breaks barriers by allowing you to generate an unblocked link an unlimited number of times, completely free, and without any limitations.

Direct Access to Your URL

Our URL Unblocker tool eliminates unnecessary waiting time or countdowns before accessing the original URL. It gives users direct access to the destination link, improving the overall user experience while ensuring the smooth sharing of your content across social media platforms.


In today’s digital age, blocked URLs can hinder your marketing efforts and limit your reach on social media platforms. That’s where our Free Social Media URL Unblocker tool comes in. This easy-to-use tool enables seamless sharing of previously blocked links, ensuring you can connect with your audience effectively. Start using our URL unblocker today to maximize your social media potential.