[Full Source Code] RFID Attendance System with NodeMCU Microcontroller: Project GATE – General Attendance Tracking E-Card System for Schools – A Capstone Research Project

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Take control of your school’s attendance management with Project GATE’s Complete Source Code for your Project. This comprehensive solution includes real-time monitoring, user-friendly interface, email attendance reports, detailed logs, and robust security features. The package comprises full source code, including Website Files, Database, and NodeMCU Microcontroller Source Code, providing you the freedom to customize as per your needs. Elevate your educational institution’s efficiency and reliability with Project GATE’s RFID Attendance System powered by a NodeMCU microcontroller. Don’t miss out on revolutionizing your attendance tracking system – get Project GATE today!

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Do you need a reliable and efficient way to track your school’s attendance? Project GATE is here to revolutionize the way you manage students, parents, teachers, faculty, and staff attendance.

Track Attendance with Precision

With Project GATE, you’ll gain complete control over attendance tracking. Our system simplifies the attendance process while reducing the administrative burden, allowing schools to focus on what truly matters: education and student development.


1. Real-Time Monitoring:
Keep an eye on attendance in real time. Know instantly who is present, late, or absent.

2. User-Friendly Design:
With an easy-to-use interface, anyone can navigate and operate the system with ease.

3. Send Attendance Reports via Email:
Utilize SMTP to send detailed attendance reports directly to your inbox.

4. Detailed Attendance Logs:
Get detailed records of attendance for thorough tracking and analysis.

5. Login and Register System:
Securely manage your users with our robust login and register system.

6. Manual Attendance Entry:
Lost or forgotten card? No problem! Attendance can be set manually via the admin panel.

7. Data Deletion:
Easily delete all students’ data, a feature particularly useful after graduation.

How It Works


1. Gathering of Materials:
The system uses a NodeMCU (ESP8266) microcontroller with built-in WiFi capabilities to connect to the internet and send data.

2. Prototyping:
Our system has been tested rigorously, ensuring the robustness and reliability of all connections and components.

3. Internet Connectivity:
Whether using pocket WiFi or a modem, internet connectivity is a breeze. Our system consumes minimal data – just around 59 bytes per request.

4. Changing Network Credentials:
It’s easy to change network credentials. Connect a device to the WiFi hotspot, enter your SSID and password, and you’re good to go.

5. Customized Housing:
Our system is housed in a clean, organized case designed specifically for it, lending a professional look and feel.


1. Web Server:
You can use whatever web server you like, whether it is Apache or Nginx to securely handle and write requests to the database.

2. Adding and Editing Cards:
Add and edit RFID cards with ease. If a card already exists, it will automatically log necessary details.

3. Attendance Reporting:
Get detailed and summarized reports of attendance with the ability to sort, search, and export data in various formats.

4. Email Notifications:
Stay in the loop with automated summary emails sent at 7 AM and 9 AM every weekday to the teachers.

Data Privacy

We prioritize your data security. Only necessary data is publicly available, and administrators have exclusive access to sensitive information like LRNs.

Get Started Now

This purchase includes the complete source code (Website Files + Database + NodeMCU Microcontroller Source Code), allowing you to customize the system to your specific needs.

Post-Sale Support

Do you need any modifications or help after sale? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your school’s attendance system with Project GATE. Get in touch with us today!


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